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Online Data Analysis Points to Venezuela Accepting BTC for Passports

Online Data Analysis Points to Venezuela Accepting BTC for Passports

During the last week, a number of bitcoiners have been discussing Venezuela’s Administrative Service for Identification, Migration, and Foreigners, also known as SAIME accepting bitcoin payments for passport applications and renewals. A number of crypto journalists couldn’t confirm whether or not it is true, but evidence shows that SAIME was and still might be accepting bitcoin for passport services.

The authority in charge of issuing Venezuela’s passports shows that it was accepting bitcoin (BTC) for applications and renewals at some point last week. The rumors started when Ronny Martínez and a few others started tweeting screenshots of the payment service.

“The payment platform SAIME enabled payments with bitcoin (BTC) while the option of payments with credit/debit cards [are] coming soon,” he said. Martínez also tweeted a photo from SAIME’s Instagram account which shows the organization will accept petro for passports as well.

The SAIME notice published on Instagram reads:

“Dear user, you selected payment with cryptocurrencies. Please keep in mind that you will only have eight minutes to complete the transaction, so we recommend that you have your payment method on hand and facilitate the process without problems. Thanks for your understanding.”

Online Data Analysis Points to Venezuela Accepting BTC for Passports

In addition to the Instagram photo, and tweets from Martínez, Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song tweeted about the situation and confirmed that SAIME enabled payments with the platform Btcpay.

“[The] Venezuelan government is using Btcpay server to accept bitcoin for passport application payments. The same software is being used by [the Human Rights Foundation] to accept donations to subvert governments like Venezuela. If this doesn’t show that bitcoin is the money of enemies, I don’t know what does,” Song wrote.

A number of other members of the crypto community discussed how SAIME was accepting BTC for payments, but the service is alleged: “temporarily out of order.” A number of skeptics called it “fake news,” but Venezuela’s Administrative Service for Identification, Migration, and Foreigners secure “” URL leads directly to the page where BTC payments are accepted.

Anyone can verify the SAIME payment gateway and see the BTC payment option for themselves. Additionally, SAIME’s invoice says that Visa and Mastercard payments will be available soon.

Online Data Analysis Points to Venezuela Accepting BTC for Passports

In addition to the “” URL that leads to the payment application providing invoices for SAIME services, the organization is also mentioned on the Btcpay server list. On the Btcpay web portal where it hosts a list of “Merchants, projects, and organizations using Btcpay Server” it shows that SAIME is listed. “SAIME is the official Venezuelan website for passport issuance and renewal,” explains the Btcpay server website.

According to Cointelegraph’s Spain office, the publication reached out to SAIME officials, but has yet to get any confirmation on BTC payment acceptance. SAIME did tweet about accepting petro for passport payments as well, sharing the same picture Ronny Martínez shared days earlier.

“SAIME reminds you that our web page is enabled for Venezuelans who are abroad, a loosely translated tweet notes. “The payment alternatives are those offered by the page and for those who are in the country, and the cost of the procedures is anchored to the petro.”

What do you think about the Data that points to Venezuela accepting bitcoin for passports? Let us know in the comments section below.

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