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Chilean NGO Prepares Draft to Include Crypto in New Constitution — Releases ‘Scam Blacklist’

Pro-Crypto Chilean NGO Prepares Draft to Include Crypto in New Constitution - Releases 'Scam Blacklist'

A pro-Crypto Chilean NGO hosted a series of conferences on cryptocurrencies and blockchain topics for educational purposes, named Cryptonight 2020, where they announced the preparation of a proposal to submit it in the context of the drafting of a new constitution and the release of a crypto blacklist.

Chilean NGO to Submit a Proposal for Including Crypto-Related Matters in the Drafting of a New Constitution

Miguel Klagges, founder and president of ONG Bitcoin Chile, published a list of alleged crypto scams that have a background of stealing funds from investors, who are promised to get high returns in exchange for investments via bogus multi-level marketing schemes.

The list has 29 websites blacklisted on the ONG Bitcoin Chile site as of press time, and according to Klagges, they will keep updating it based on what regulators and press media report across the globe about crypto scams.

But such alleged fraudulent sites are not only offering bogus investment funds, as they also offer trading signals or referral schemes, posing in a first instance as academies to attract people, which turn to be Ponzi scams.

Constitutional Protection to the Chilean Crypto Industry?

The NGO’s second announcement is related to the new Constitution drafting process, which was approved in October during a referendum.

Klagges, accompanied by Patricio Bravo, a Chilean lawyer specialized in constitutional law, said that they’re working on the designing of a legal proposal that will be presented to the constitutionalists. They are expected to be elected in 2021, in charge to draft the new Carta Magna. Such a draft aims to “promote and protect” the crypto and blockchain industry in the country.

The initiative will have the participation of local crypto representatives who will seek in the draft enough constitutional guarantees for the development of the crypto sphere across the nation.

Jaime Bunzli, director, commented during the panel about how bitcoin (BTC) is now being perceived among society:

The fear about the nature of Bitcoin, about the origin of the blockchain, among other things, has been lost more and more. It is already understood that it is something that is already here. Now what you have to do is start to understand it. One point in favor that bitcoin has at the moment is that it can open the doors to give use to other tools and other areas of blockchain technology.

What are your thoughts on the Chilean crypto industry possibly being considered in their upcoming new Carta Magna? Let us know in the comments section below.

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