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$8.2 Million Worth of NFT-Based Artwork Sold in the Last Month of 2020 as ETH Prices Rally

$8.2 Million Worth of NFT-Based Artwork Sold in the Last Month of 2020 as ETH Prices Keep Rallying

The non-fungible token-based artwork market witnessed a profitable end of 2020 with astonishing trading volume figures monthly compared to those seen during November.

Metrics Show $8.2 Million Worth of Crypto Artwork Sold in December

According to metrics revealed by, the volume in December of NFT artworks sold was $8,681,242.59, surpassing by far the $2.6 million traded over November 2020, according to the platform, almost triplicating the numbers.

The considerable surge comes within the context of a too-bullish crypto market in the last quarter of 2020, but most notable in December, which can explain part of the rally in trading volumes. In fact, the NFTs are often tradeable via ethereum (ETH), which as of press time, is exchanging hands at $1,081, according to data.

As per the volume of tokens traded in December, metrics show that 11,783.005 ETH, 8,871,872.58 SAND, and 3,740,922.486 MANA were crossing the board during the last month of a turbulent year in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of sales was 68,718 over the month, with an average price of $126.33. So far, figures unveiled that total crypto art value is set at $ 43,253,447.26 (43,009.583 ETH), with total artworks sold of 51,073.

NFT Marketplaces With the Best Trading Volumes in December 2020

Such analytics platform shows that NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway leads the ranking in December, with over $6.67 million worth of blockchain-based artwork sold over the month, followed by Superrare, with a trading volume of just $1.12 million, and Makersplace with $343,000 approximately.

Also, total NFT artists in December were 711, representing an all-time high in the industry, together with 1,480 collectors seen over the month.

Recently, reported a survey on non-fungible token trends within crypto users, which revealed that 47% of correspondents had heard of NFT. Among these, 63% of them had only a basic understanding of it, while 57% of them had never used them.

What do you think about the latest metrics on NFT-based artworks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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