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Crypto-Friendly Travel Firm Travala Becomes the First Merchant to Offer Binance Pay as a Payment Method

Crypto-Friendly Travel Firm Travala Becomes the First Merchant to Offer Binance Pay as a Payment Method

Crypto-friendly travel website Travala has announced the integration of a brand-new payment application, Binance Pay. With such a move, the travel booking company becomes the first merchant to implement Binance Pay as a payment form after its launch on Feb. 3.

Five Cryptos and One Fiat Currency Will Be Offered in the First Stage of Binance Pay

Per the announcement, Travala allows its customers to use the new payment application, still in beta mode, to book travel products. They include hotels, homes, flights, among others.

With Binance Pay, Travala’s users will have the option to pay straight from their Binance accounts with five cryptos and one fiat currency supported initially: bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), binance coin (BNB), binance USD (BUSD), swipe (SXP), and EUR.

Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance, confirmed via Twitter the integration of the payment application with Travala.

The crypto-friendly travel company seeks to expand its portfolio of accepted payments to increase “cryptocurrency adoption and promote the freedom of travel.”

Binance Pay is an application designed for mobile devices, which features a crypto wallet and allows its users to link the Binance Card. Binance Pay users could also make transfers to each other via QR-codes generated by the mobile app.

Visa Planning to Offer Crypto Services

The crypto payment market has been gaining traction in the last few months. Moreover, it keeps catching the attention of mainstream financial players.

As reported on Feb. 3, Visa announced that it’s piloting a new system to enable banks to integrate crypto features seamlessly.

Using Visa’s crypto APIs, banks can offer a number of crypto services to their customers, including the buying, trading, and custody of BTC.

For this purpose, the multinational financial corporation signed a partnership with First Boulevard, a digitally native neobank focused on serving the Black community.

What do you think about Binance Pay’s integration on Travala? Let us know in the comments section below.

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