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Jigstack DAO Acquires Platform to Strengthen Its Token Launch Pad Lemonade

Jigstack DAO Acquires Platform to Strengthen Its Token Launch Pad Lemonade

A decentralized finance (defi) protocol announced that it officially acquired an initial coin offering (ICO) listing platform. Jigstack, who bought, will migrate all the platform’s assets to its Lemonade’s solution.

Jigstack’ Direct Email Database on

According to the announcement, the defi protocol, which acts as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), bought the website to boost its multi-chain token launch solution Lemonade.

Robert Weir, Jigstack’s COO, told that acquisition is a “commercial trifecta for Lemonade” as they own “commercially relevant data, a database of over 30,000 active crypto investors.” In fact, they seek to boost exposure for projects launching through Lemonade.

In Lemonade, anyone can create a token sale in a matter of minutes, including adjusting the token lock sequences, vesting periods, and overall token distribution logistics, added Weir.

For projects launching on Lemonade, Jigstack COO commented:

They now have instant exposure to over 30,000 investors on Twitter and our direct email database and user traffic on the Icorating website.

Partnership With Ethereum Startup Polygon

Per the fees offered in the launchpad following the integration, the company says that it requires a flat 1% fee of the tokens, a 0.5% marketing bounty, and a 1% share of the tokens for the network vault.

Weir further added:

For the Lemonade platform, we just acquired one of the most comprehensive data sets in the crypto space. Specifically relevant for crypto-based fundraising and the investment space. has been operating as one of the biggest players in the crypto fundraising space since 2016. For investors, we’ve now significantly boosted our digital footprint and overnight injected tens of thousands of new investors into the Lemonade and Jigstack network.

Recently, Jigstack partnered with Polygon — formerly Matic Network — by seeking to reduce gas fees and improve the Ethereum defi ecosystem’s performance.

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