Revolutionary Ecosystem Developed by Synapse Network Opens up Cross-Chain Investment Opportunities

Synapse Network is developing the first cross-chain investment ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It will offer five cross-chain products for the cryptocurrency sector, including a DEX and DeFi marketplace, saving a lot of time and effort to everyone frustrated with the current fractured landscape.

Trade ETH to MATIC or BNB in Just One Swap

Technology specialist Synapse Network will provide investors with a simple one-stop-shop solution to consolidate their transactions. Compared to a multichain solution, where you need to invest into one of multiple pools – a costly and time-consuming process – it allows investors to allocate their funds in different blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance SmartChain, Solana, Polygon and many other popular blockchains. So investors can trade ETH to MATIC or to BNB in just one swap.

“The cross-chain revolution is the next big step of blockchain evolution, so we are thrilled to be the only player in the market to offer this technology. Cross-chain means you can choose any chain you want, or even several at a time, for any investment that you desire, – Synapse Network Co-Founder Paweł Łaskarzewski”

The ecosystem also includes a chain agnostic launchpad bringing together projects and private investors to enable investment opportunities in early-stage startups, and an accelerator and incubator for startups and entrepreneurs, where ideas are converted into working projects. There will also be an Investment Syndicate of trusted and reliable VC funds, business angels, tech partners, private investors and blockchain projects, providing fast-track access to capital, technology and partnerships.

Why Venture Capital Funds Back the Synapse Network Team

Synapse Network already has a live, working cross-chain launchpad product. It held an early community presale using it, is now listing startups/projects based on multiple blockchains and is enabling investors utilizing the product to invest in cross-chain investments. In addition, it has raised nearly $2,000,000 from venture capital and community funding rounds; current partners include Black Dragon, Dutch Crypto Investors, Moonwhale, Chainlink, OIG, ICO HUB, Crypto Weekly, Minted Lab and CSP DAO.

Synapse Network Co-Founder Paweł Łaskarzewski is a Technology executive and Enterprise
Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is skilled in large scale projects with strong problem solving and business development skills, bridging the gap between technology innovation, business, and operations. Paweł has worked for several international companies, including Citibank, EuroSport and B/E Aerospace.

His Co-Founder, serial entrepreneur and investor Michał Domarecki, has founded and run several successful companies internationally in the areas of IT, transport and logistics. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies for over six years, actively investing in and advising blockchain startups and working with brands such as and founding Gems Reviews.

To learn more about the team and the amazing solution they developed visit Synapse.Network and follow them on Twitter and Telegram.

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